“We want them to have a future. We will give them a future.”

Joseph William Yee Eu

The Joseph William Yee Eu Foundation supports programs, initiatives and organizations that will benefit communities where there is a need to fund the education of underprivileged and deserving children. Scholarships are generally awarded to students who intend to pursue a Technical or Vocational Certificate, Diploma and in some cases a Degree. Scholarships given are valid for one year and are subject to review on a yearly basis unless a special request is made and the approval from the Board of Trustees is obtained

JWYE Foundation

Charitable Mission

  • To provide scholarships and other assistance to needy and deserving students, regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality, and to advance their education in universities, colleges, schools or elsewhere
  • To provide grants for research in institutions of higher learning
  • For the furtherance of any general charitable object for the benefit and advancement of education and research and training
  • For the furtherance of any general charitable object or betterment or benefit of society in general including but not limited to any and all citizens of Malaysia
  • Such other purpose which the Trustees may unanimously deem fit and proper