We are sharing their stories here, some of which may tug at your heartstrings:

Suhaini is the youngest among 6 children. Her father, a company driver, is the sole breadwinner. Having excelled in her Diploma, she enrolled for an Honours degree in Mass Communication. She was placed on the Dean’s List Awards in the Taylor’s University. Despite having the PTPTN loan and the University Merit Scholarship, she was struggling with financial hardships, and thought of quitting midway. The JWYEF bursary boosted her confidence to graduate, and she is so proud to be the first in her family to have a university degree! Suhaini currently works in media communications for a government agency.

“The JWYEF bursary has helped to fulfil my dream to carve out a successful career. I believe in giving back to my family and the community, especially in helping others in pursuing their studies” – Suhaini

Suhaini Rosyaidah bt Omar Mass Communication
Both Tommy and Hilary come from poor farming families in Sabah. Having qualified for the Malaysia University of Science & Technology, they ventured over to Kuala Lumpur, with the aim of doing well in life in order to better support their parents and families. However due to accreditation glitch in their enrolled university, they only received a much lower PTPTN loan midway through their course. With much over due course fees and little money for sustenance, they almost gave up! The JWYEF bursary then helped them to continue their studies. Tommy is now working part time, Hilary is currently doing his internship.

“I benefitted so much from JWYEF’s help. I am really indebted” – Tommy

Tommy Jimin Business Administration
“I want to help poor students from Sabah and Sarawak in adjusting to life in Peninsula Malaysia” – Hilary
Hilary bin Jutri Business Administration
Mimi is the eldest of 7 children, and together with another sibling, has been staying in a Children’s Home for more than 10 years. Her father, a Myanmarese, assumes part time work as a security guard. With the JWYEF bursary on top of another grant, Mimi was able to embark on a Diploma in Hotel Management. Mimi is currently working fulltime in an international hotel.

“As the oldest child in the family, I want to be a good role model to my siblings, to strive for a better life. I want to make my dad happy by doing well. He was studying to be a doctor in Myanmar, but unfortunately had to stop when his father passed away” – Yoga

Yoga Nanthini (Mimi) Hotel Management
Brandon and his 2 siblings are raised by his single mother who had a car accident which left her disabled. The family survives on donations from the charitable organisations. Brandon worked part-time in a restaurant, before he enrolled for a course at TCTECH Penang, with full sponsorship from JWYEF. Brandon has graduated in the City & Guilds UK Diploma for Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (with Distinction in 4 out of 6 modules), and is currently doing his internship.

“Without JWYEF support, I am nothing. Now I have skills knowledge and even a UK Diploma in Automotive. I want to be someone useful so I can take good care of my family” – Brandon

Brandon Chang Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
Billy’s family depended primarily on his mother who as the sole breadwinner, works as a sales supervisor. Billy enrolled at TCTECH Penang with the support of the JWYEF bursary and the Tan Chong Grant. He completed his studies in Automotive Advanced Certificate + BTEC UK Diploma, completed his internship and was offered a job as Technical Assistant in a Nissan Service Center.

“JWYEF has given me a chance to gain skills to get a good job so that I can relieve the financial burden on my mother. I will work hard for higher level positions in the automotive industry” – Billy

Billy Khneoh Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
Pui Yuen, enrolled for a Diploma course in Graphic Design, needed financial support from JWYEF to cover shortfall in her course fees. Her mother who works as a retail assistant, is the sole bread winner in the family. Since early childhood, Pui Yuen suffers from a cardiac valvular malfunction. Fortunately Yang Amat Berbahagia Toh Puan Aishah Ong, one of the JWYEF Trustees, also chairs the IJN Foundation. She kindly referred Pui Yuen’s medical case to IJN to ensure she can pursue her career without health issues. Today Pui Yuen works for a company that designs apps on WeChat.

“Rather than making designs for profitable purpose, I prefer to work on non profitable works, to raise awareness and share views on issues challenging the world at large now” – Pui Yuen

Kong Pui Yuen Graphic Design
Mila is the eldest of 4 children. Her father, the sole bread winner, works in a bread making factory. Mila always has a keen interest in baking and is now pursuing the Diploma in Culinary Arts. Scholarships are not offered and PTPTN loan quantum is low for such courses. The JWYEF bursary covers the shortfall for course fees, her accommodation and daily expenses. For extra income, Mila takes up part time work in the neighbourhood bakeries during weekends.

“My dream is to become a pastry chef! I also plan to open a restaurant one day” – Mila

Nor Shyameila Ameira Bt Mohamad Shukri (Mila) Culinary Arts
After his father passed away, Isaac was indecisive on his future. The JWYEF bursary helped ease his family’s financial burden, and continued the support even after he failed a couple of times. Isaac persevered to attain the Advance Diploma in Finance & Commerce. Today, Isaac is the Information Security Manager in a renowned global bank.

“I have always viewed JWYEF as the spring board for me to launch forth in life, and I will always be grateful for that. I hope one day I will be in the position to be able to contribute to JWYEF to help other deserving students to realize their dreams” – Isaac

Isaac Raol Finance
Deanna has always aspired to be a Doctor and her hard work and dedication paid off when she was offered a place in the University Of Malaya to study Bachelor of Medicine. However, her parents had just reached retirement age and did not have enough to fund her education. Through the JWYEF Bursary Deanna has since graduated and is now training in Singapore.

“I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me achieve my dreams”- Deanna

Deanna Estelle Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
Ranjeni is currently pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering at UITM after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree with First Class Honours. Her parents have struggled to provide for the family and the JWYEF is proud to have been there to help turn her dreams into a reality.

“My aspiration is to be the best I can be and to have a fulfilling life where I can look back and be happy about the richness of it all” – Ranjeni

Ranjeni Krishnen PHD Civil Engineering

Orphaned at a very young age, Wendy and her brother grew up in separate children’s homes. Having excelled in her SPM, she pursued a foundation course at UTAR – supported by JYWEF & UTAR. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Biochemistry, funded adequately by PTPTN loan and has declined aid from JWYEF as ‘others will need it more than me’ .

““My greatest heartfelt gratitude to JWYEF for the opportunity to continue my tertiary studies. Currently, my plan is to do well and pursue a Master’s in Clinical Biochemistry”” – Wendy

Wendy Liang Chieh Foundation in Science UTAR, Kampar, Perak
Shirley is a Sabahan, her farmer father is sole bread winner to a family with 4 children. Having completed her diploma course, she was determined to pursue her degree, with savings from part time work. She is currently working in a Property Management company .

“Without support from JWYEF I would not have come this far to finish my journey with flying colors! My aspiration for the future is to pursue a Master’s degree, and then be able to help to fund other poor students to further their studies” – Shirley

Shirley Maxine Gading Stanley Bachelor in Business Admin Á Finance (Hons) UTM, Sabah
Calvind, a Dusun from Sabah, did poorly in his SPM. Without guidance as his father, a lorry driver, was hardly at home, he loitered around aimlessly till he enrolled at MYTC. He was highly motivated here and hopes to be an instructor in the future. He is now working as a welder in the Armed Forces .

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation & gratitude to JWYEF for sponsoring my studies in MYTC. Whatever I have learned from MYTC will form a good foundation in my life and I anticipate this will help me to discharge my duties well in the future” – Calvind

Calvind Mark Sumail Shielded Metal Arc Welding course, Monfort Youth Traning Center, SabahShielded Metal Arc Welding course, Monfort Youth Traning Center, Sabah
Erwin, a Dusun from Sabah, comes from a family with 5 siblings. He stopped school after Form 3 as his father could not afford the fees. He assisted his father in car repairs and also made extra money from cultural dance performances. He excelled at MYTC where he was also the Head Prefect for Discipline. Currently he is working as a car mechanic in Kota Kinabalu .

“I am very grateful to JWYEF for sponsoring my studies in MYTC. Today, I stand proud to acknowledge the efforts from JWYEF and MYTC and that I am able to earn a living and help support my family” – Erwin

Erwin Kok Bin Gintik Motor Mechanic course. Monfort Youth Training Center, Sabah
Both Zhenying and her younger brother want to be Pharmacists, putting a heavy financial burden on the father (a hospital technician), sole breadwinner for the family of 6. With the JWYEF support, Zhenying excelled in her course, and is now working in the KL General Hospital

““My greatest heartfelt gratitude to JWYEF for the opportunity to continue my tertiary studies. Currently, my plan is to do well and pursue a Master’s in Clinical Biochemistry”” – Wendy“I am grateful to JWYEF for what I am today. In my current work, I noticed that the elderly people are less aware of their sickness and the medication taken. I would like to educate them to help them lead a better life” – Seow

Seow Zhenying Bachelor in Pharmacy, AIMST Universiti, Kedah
Nurul Najwa’s parents struggled to send their twin daughters to university, even with PTPTN loans. JWYEF offered financial aid to both sisters. Najwa’s sister, Nurul Najihah, graduated with a degree in Malay Studies. Currently, Najwa is working in an Asset Management company in Kuala Lumpur .

“The support from JWYEF had helped me to finish my studies without financial stress. I will not give up easily to achieve my dream. My plan in future is to have my own company” – Nurul

Nurul Najwa Binti Jamal Bachelor in Admin Science, UITM, Seremban
Christopher’s father works in a packaging factory, with substantial earnings going to high medical bills from his wife’s chronic illnesses. Currently, with further support from JWYEF, Christopher is pursuing City & Guilds International Diploma Level 3, completing in late 2019.

“JWYEF has helped to reduce financial burden on my family. I plan to work for a few years after I complete my course. Then I hope to be able to save enough money to further my education to become a Mechatronic Engineer” – Christoper

Christoper Chong Jun Hao City & Guilds, UK Diploma Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang
Raised by a single mother, Wei Yang received social welfare till Form 5. He then worked as a hotel waiter in his Perak hometown, saved enough to move to Penang to enrol at TCTI. Currently Wei Yang is working in Singapore .

“My mother’s burden had been reduced, due to the support from JWYEF. I am very appreciative to JWYEF for helping me. I am planning to work hard and earn more money to support my family” – Chuah

Chuah Wei Yang City & Guilds, UK Deploma Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang
Yong Qin stopped school after Form 3; he enjoys automotive work & worked part time in workshop near home before enrolling at TCTI Penang. He has just accepted a new job as a technician in a workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

“JWYEF has helped to reduce my financial burden, by supporting my course fees, & living expenses away from home. I am very grateful to JWYEF. My ambition is to become a famous Automotive Mechanic and open my own car store” – Lim

Lim Yong Qin City & Guilds. UK Deploma Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang.
Zheng Wah’s parents have little education but are determined to ensure their only child has a future job with stable earning. Challenged by a mild speech problem, Zheng Wah persevered during his training at TCTI. Currently he works as a body & paint Technician at the Honda Service Centre in Penang.

“With the support from JWYEF, I have a chance to study Automotive course and gain experience in this field. Thank you JWYEF. I plan to work hard to earn money, so that I can buy a house and car for my family”- Zheng Wah

Ong Zheng Wah SKM COCU Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang
For years, the Banus family, of Kadazan origin in Sabah, worked as ginger farmers for a living. Noell’s mother was widowed and left with 11 children when her husband, passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest. JWYEF supported with monthly allowances to enable the 4 younger children to continue their schooling (20km from their home!) .

Noell did well in his SPM – 3As and 4Bs. He is now applying to attend a foundation / degree course in a local university The younger sister, Aldevy Maria (left in photo) started primary school with JWYEF support, and had since excelled, topping her class and form, for the past 2 years!

Noell Banus Secondary 5, SMK Nambayan, Sabah
Mrs Kidia Banus has continuously expressed her gratitude to JWYEF for helping to reduce her financial burden, and giving her younger children the opportunity to be motivated to have a good education
Aldevy Maria Banus Primary 2, SMK Trikolod, Sabah
From a young age, Rebecca together with her younger sister were raised in Yayasan Sunbeams Home, where they were home schooled. With the HelpCAT bursary support, she attained a Diploma in Accountancy in 2015. With sheer grit and determination, and continued full support from JWYEF, Rebecca persevered, overcoming several hurdles and successfully achieved her ACCA in July 2019. She is now enjoying her work as an Audit Assistant in an accounting firm
Rebecca Victor Yong ACCA – HELP College of Arts & Technology, KL
Raised by her widowed mother, Jovine did well in her Diploma in Business Studies and then worked to save enough to be enrolled in Taylor’s College for a degree in business, initially with funding from JWYEF and Taylor’s scholarship. On securing the PTPTN loan, Jovine did not ask for further JWYEF funding as she wanted others who needed financial aid more, to benefit. She completed her course with First Class Honours in April 2019, and is now attached to the Integration team in a media agency
Jovine George Mohan Bachelor of Business (Hons) – Taylor’s University, KL
Danny’s parents divorced when he was very young, and his mother re-married. Due to financial woes, he dropped out of school in Form 5 and worked in a mini market, then as a housekeeper in a motel. He enrolled for the Motor Vehicle Mechanics course in Montfort Youth Training Centre in Sabah, where he improved his English and developed confidence. Currently Danny works in Toray, a fabric manufacturer in Penang
Danny Lawman Sii Motor Vehicle Mechanic – MYTC Sabah
Yuxuan followed his eldest sister’s footsteps to pursue a degree in pharmacy at AIMST, Kedah. He sought JWYEF’s support as it was a heavy financial burden on his father who worked as a technician in the hospital and very much wanted his children to pursue tertiary education. After Yuxuan graduated with a 2nd Class Honours, he started working as a pharmacist in the Sarawak General Hospital
Seow Yuxuan Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) – AIMST University, Kedah
Growing up, Lohshini, whose father is a production supervisor, had always aspired to be a doctor. Armed with an excellent GPA score in her matriculation programme, she applied to pursue her MBBS in local universities, but was only offered the Psychology course. Undeterred, she enrolled at AIMST University in Kedah. Despite having obtained PTPTN and MIED loans, and withdrawn from her father’s EPF savings, there was still a shortfall, which was then covered with the JWYEF bursary. Lohshini is currently pursuing her housemanship, and hopes to specialise to become an orthopaedic surgeon.
# referral from members of the Joseph Eu Lodge
Lohshini Asokan MBBS AIMST University, Kedah
After graduating with a Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Jason worked briefly in a construction company but left to study Fine Art to follow his dream. He was self supporting with part-time work, but had to skip a semester to work longer to pay his fees and bills. He was referred to JWYEF by the father of his classmate, who learnt of his plight. Jason is talented and creatively bold, has won several art awards and aspires to be a successful professional artist. He is currently a fulltime Art Creator.
# referral from a member of the Edward Holiday Lodge
Teo Jia Hao Jason Diploma in Fine Art Dasein Academy of Art, KL
‘Mila’ has always enjoyed baking, a skill she picked up from her father who works in a breadmaking factory. After attaining her Diploma in Culinary Arts, she progressed to pursue her Bachelor degree in Patisserie Arts, with JWYEF bursary aid and her father’s EPF fund. She is currently interning in a popular pastry shop – as the assistant pastry chef! During the pandemic lockdown, she successfully developed her own home based business, and she excitedly shares her plans to expand to a physical store chain in the near future.
Nor Shyameilla Bachelor in Patisserie Arts l Management & Science University, Shah Alam
Michel’s father works as a gardener, mother is a teacher in a special needs’ school. Due to her family’s financial difficulties, Michel had to stop at midway her diploma course, to ‘earn and find money’ to pay her overdue and balance fees. Michel then took up part-time work, where she was referred to JWYEF by her employer. Michel graduated with a distinction and is currently working in an international school where she did her internship. She is now saving up to pursue a Degree in Psychology via distance learning, as she has always wanted to use Art Therapy in her work to help those in need.
Michel Jonathan Diploma in Fine Art Malaysian Institute of Art, K.L.
Pei Ni’s father suffered a heart attack and had bypass surgery, leaving him unable to work much in his air-conditioning service business, conducted from his rented wooden store cum home. He also has high recurring medical bills due to his heart condition. Pei Ni, after completing her SPM, chose this course as she would be able to start earning within a year. Undeterred by the pandemic lockdown and curbs, she continued training in hairdressing which allowed part-time work. Servicing a growing number of regular customers, she hopes to establish her very own business as a professional stylist.
Saw Pei Ni Diploma in Professional Make- Up, TQUK Level 3 Penang
Fanuel comes from a Kadazan family; father works as a clerk, and mother is a cleaner. After his SPM, Fanuel was not able to pursue further education due to his family’s financial difficulties. He joined MYTC, to take up carpentry skills as he has keen interest in furniture design & making. Fanuel benefitted from the character building programme at MYTC, and excelled in his course. He was awarded ‘the most outstanding trainee’. He now works in the local church and aspires to do his Diploma studies when he has saved enough.
# initial MYTC referrals were initiated by a member of the Elopura Lodge
Fanuel Adellson Fedlis Certificate in Carpentry Montfort Youth Technical Centre, Sabah
Wilson completed his C&G Level 2 with excellent results, 5 Distinctions. Wilson aspired to train further, which would broaden his career opportunities. His supportive father (an elevator technician) worked out an affordable sum from his own savings, and sought partial financial aid from JWYEF to enable Wilson to attain Level 3, which he aced eventually. Wilson now works as a Service Advisor in Subaru Penang, and hopes to gain experience to have the opportunity to train and work abroad one day.
Wilson Ong City & Guild Diploma, in Vehicle Maintenance & Repair, Level 3 Tan Chong Technical Centre, Penang
Simon’s mother left her drug addict, philandering husband and brought her 6 children from Miri to Penang, to start a new life. The children were put in the care of 2 homes. She found work as a baby nanny in Singapore. The 2 older boys could not afford further studies, and their plight led to both TCTI and JWYEF co-funding their C&G diploma courses. On completion, Simon immediately started work as a car mechanic, to “put food on the table” for the family. His younger brother Smithson, affected by his dyslexic condition, sadly did not complete the course. He knew all the answers orally but could not read nor put responses into writing during the theory examinations.

# a member from the Royal Prince of Wales Lodge kindly facilitated and
supported Smithson’s diagnosis / counselling sessions, funded by JWYEF

Simon Sim Yik Siang City & Guild Diploma, in Vehicle Maintenance & Repair, Level 2 Tan Chong Technical Centre, Penang
Raul’s father abandoned the family, leaving her mother to care for the 2 children as well as her aged parents, while repaying debts from her husband. She does not receive financial aid for single mothers, as the separation has not been properly documented. JWYEF started supporting Raul after he did  well in his primary school. Being away from physical school for so long during the pandemic, he feels confused sometimes, “I do not know when I should study and when I should play?”. Raul proudly attributes his achievements to his “Mom, the Guiding Light”
Raul Tagazo Raphael Secondary 3 – SMK St Michael, Penampang, Sabah
Eidthney’s father with an unstable income from doing odd jobs, applied for financial aid from JWYEF to support his elder daughter who did very well in her primary school. The impact from the pandemic adversely affected the family, as the father had no work. Despite the setback, Eidthney diligently studied from home, and excelled in her online examinations. Always cheerful and free spirited, Eidthney shares her ambition to become an accountant, “I can earn and look after money!”, although her mother encourages her to
become a doctor
Eidthney Dywne Vionara Edwin Secondary 3 – SMK St Michael, Penampang, Sabah
Banus Family
For years, the Banus family, of Kadazan origin in Sabah, worked as ginger farmers for a living. The mother was widowed and left with 11 children when her husband passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest. JWYEF supported to enable the 4 younger children to continue their schooling.

Noell did well in his SPM, and is now pursuing a Diploma in Science course in Kota Kinabalu. Richel just completed his SPM, which was delayed from 2020 to 2021. Richen is now in Secondary 4

The younger sister, Aldevy Maria started primary school with JWYEF support, and had since excelled, among the top 3 in her class and form, for the past 3 years! Home learning had been a challenge as the family shared an old laptop, and wifi connection was poor. Smiling cheekily, “we often have to go outside – walk about, climb trees, to get signal!”, she looks forward to being back in school again!

Banus Family (with mother): Diploma in Science UITM, Sabah
Melody Tung Jou Ying is the only child in a single low income family in Penang. She was a rebellious child during her primary school days, and suffered poor grades. When she started her secondary school, she was determined to transform herself. She became diligent in her studies and polite to everyone around her, and began to excel in her studies.

She received financial aid from both PTPTN and JWYE Foundation when she pursued a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Salford, Manchester, through Sentral College in Penang.

She obtained a total of 7 Dean’s List Awards, for June 2019 and 2020, September 2019, 2020 and 2021, February 2020 and 2022 semesters. She just graduated with first class honours from University of Salford.

Melody will soon be completing her internship at OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions.

“JWYE Foundation has helped me focus on my studies without worrying much about my financial situation. Every semester is a new challenge to be better than the last semester and this is the driving force of my achievement fulfilling the expectation of JWYEF and myself. In summary JWYEF makes my journey more meaningful and focused”

Melody Tung Jou Ying University of Salford, Manchester, through Sentral College in Penang
Miki Chu Min Qi is from a single parent family in Tangkak, Johor. Her father died from cancer in 2019, and left limited savings for his wife (a housewife), Miki and her younger brother. Miki excelled in her SPM and enrolled for Diploma in Mass Communications in INTI International University, Nilai. Despite getting Merit Scholarship and PTPTN loan, she had to earn extra income from offering online tuition services to schoolchildren during the MCO period. When physical classes resumed, she could no longer to part time work, and sought financial aid from JWYE Foundation.

Miki obtained the following award : August 2020 – Dean’s List; January 2021, August 2021, January 2022 semesters – 3 President’s List

Her final CGPA of the programme was 3.90, which placed her in the Distinction Award for her Diploma.

Miki has started her Year 2 in her Degree Course in Mass Communications, and is receiving a 70% tuition fee waiver from INTI. Her application for continued financial support from JWYEF is being progressed currently.


“I would like thank JWYE Foundation which has supported me throughout the last 3 semesters of my Diploma course during the Covid pandemic. This has helped to reduce my burden, especially for living expenses during on site classes. It was very difficult to study while doing part time work. I hope I will continue to do well in my Degree course.”

Miki Chu Min Qi Diploma in Mass Communications in INTI International University, Nilai