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Orphaned at a very young age, Wendy and her brother grew up in separate children’s homes. Having excelled in her SPM, she pursued a foundation course at UTAR - supported by JYWEF & UTAR. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Biochemistry, funded adequately by PTPTN loan and has declined aid from JWYEF as ‘others will need it more than me’ .


Erwin Kok Bin Gintik – Motor Mechanic course. Monfort Youth Training Center, Sabah



Wendy Liang Chieh – Foundation in Science UTAR, Kampar, Perak

I am very grateful to JWYEF for sponsoring my studies in MYTC. Today, I stand proud to acknowledge the efforts from JWYEF and MYTC and that I am able to earn a living and help support my family” - Erwin

Seow Zhenying – Bachelor in Pharmacy, AIMST Universiti, Kedah


Both Zhenying and her younger brother want to be Pharmacists, putting a heavy financial burden on the father (a hospital technician), sole breadwinner for the family of 6. With the JWYEF support, Zhenying excelled in her course, and is now working in the KL General Hospital


“My greatest heartfelt gratitude to JWYEF for the opportunity to continue my tertiary studies. Currently, my plan is to do well and pursue a Master’s in Clinical Biochemistry”” - Wendy

“I am grateful to JWYEF for what I am today. In my current work, I noticed that the elderly people are less aware of their sickness and the medication taken. I would like to educate them to help them lead a better life” - Seow

Calvind Mark Sumail – Shielded Metal Arc Welding course, Monfort Youth Traning Center, Sabah

Nurul Najwa Binti Jamal – Bachelor in Admin Science, UITM, Seremban

Shirley Maxine Gading Stanley – Bachelor in Business Admin Á Finance (Hons) UTM, Sabah


Calvind, a Dusun from Sabah, did poorly in his SPM. Without guidance as his father, a lorry driver, was hardly at home, he loitered around aimlessly till he enrolled at MYTC. He was highly motivated here and hopes to be an instructor in the future. He is now working as a welder in the Armed Forces .


Shirley is a Sabahan, her farmer father is sole bread winner to a family with 4 children. Having completed her diploma course, she was determined to pursue her degree, with savings from part time work. She is currently working in a Property Management company .

Nurul Najwa’s parents struggled to send their twin daughters to university, even with PTPTN loans. JWYEF offered financial aid to both sisters. Najwa’s sister, Nurul Najihah, graduated with a degree in Malay Studies. Currently, Najwa is working in an Asset Management company in Kuala Lumpur .


“The support from JWYEF had helped me to finish my studies without financial stress. I will not give up easily to achieve my dream. My plan in future is to have my own company” - Nurul

Christoper Chong Jun Hao – City & Guilds, UK Diploma Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang

Christopher’s father works in a packaging factory, with substantial earnings going to high medical bills from his wife’s chronic illnesses. Currently, with further support from JWYEF, Christopher is pursuing City & Guilds International Diploma Level 3, completing in late 2019 .


Chuah Wei Yang – City & Guilds, UK Deploma Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang

“JWYEF has helped to reduce financial burden on my family. I plan to work for a few years after I complete my course. Then I hope to be able to save enough money to further my education to become a Mechatronic Engineer” - Christoper


Raised by a single mother, Wei Yang received social welfare till Form 5. He then worked as a hotel waiter in his Perak hometown, saved enough to move to Penang to enrol at TCTI. Currently Wei Yang is working in Singapore .


Erwin, a Dusun from Sabah, comes from a family with 5 siblings. He stopped school after Form 3 as his father could not afford the fees. He assisted his father in car repairs and also made extra money from cultural dance performances. He excelled at MYTC where he was also the Head Prefect for Discipline. Currently he is working as a car mechanic in Kota Kinabalu .

Yong Qin stopped school after Form 3; he enjoys automotive work & worked part time in workshop near home before enrolling at TCTI Penang. He has just accepted a new job as a technician in a workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

“JWYEF has helped to reduce my financial burden, by supporting my course fees, & living expenses away from home. I am very grateful to JWYEF. My ambition is to become a famous Automotive Mechanic and open my own car store” - Lim

“My mother’s burden had been reduced, due to the support from JWYEF. I am very appreciative to JWYEF for helping me. I am planning to work hard and earn more money to support my family” - Chuah

Lim Yong Qin – City & Guilds. UK Deploma Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang.


Ong Zheng Wah – SKM COCU Level 2, Tan Chong Institute, Penang


“With the support from JWYEF, I have a chance to study Automotive course and gain experience in this field. Thank you JWYEF. I plan to work hard to earn money, so that I can buy a house and car for my family”- Zheng Wah

We are sharing their stories here, some of which may tug at your heartstrings:

Zheng Wah’s parents have little education but are determined to ensure their only child has a future job with stable earning. Challenged by a mild speech problem, Zheng Wah persevered during his training at TCTI. Currently he works as a body & paint Technician at the Honda Service Centre in Penang .

Mrs Kidia Banus has continuously expressed her gratitude to JWYEF for helping to reduce her financial burden, and giving her younger children the opportunity to be motivated to have a good education


Noell did well in his SPM – 3As and 4Bs. He is now applying to attend a foundation / degree course in a local university The younger sister, Aldevy Maria (left in photo) started primary school with JWYEF support, and had since excelled, topping her class and form, for the past 2 years! .

For years, the Banus family, of Kadazan origin in Sabah, worked as ginger farmers for a living. Noell’s mother was widowed and left with 11 children when her husband, passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest. JWYEF supported with monthly allowances to enable the 4 younger children to continue their schooling (20km from their home!) .


Aldevy Maria Banus – Primary 2, SMK Trikolod, Sabah

Noell Banus – Secondary 5, SMK Nambayan, Sabah


I would like to express my sincere appreciation & gratitude to JWYEF for sponsoring my studies in MYTC. Whatever I have learned from MYTC will form a good foundation in my life and I anticipate this will help me to discharge my duties well in the future - Calvind


Without support from JWYEF I would not have come this far to finish my journey with flying colours! My aspiration for the future is to pursue a Master’s degree, and then be able to help to fund other poor students to further their studies” - Shirley