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Suhaini is the youngest among 6 children. Her father, a company driver, is the sole breadwinner. Having excelled in her Diploma, she enrolled for an Honours degree in Mass Communication. She was placed on the Dean’s List Awards in the Taylor’s University. Despite having the PTPTN loan and the University Merit Scholarship, she was struggling with financial hardships, and thought of quitting midway. The JWYEF bursary boosted her confidence to graduate, and she is so proud to be the first in her family to have a university degree! Suhaini currently works in media communications for a government agency.


Yoga Nanthini (Mimi) – Hotel Management



Suhaini Rosyaidah bt Omar – Mass Communication

As the oldest child in the family, I want to be a good role model to my siblings, to strive for a better life. I want to make my dad happy by doing well. He was studying to be a doctor in Myanmar, but unfortunately had to stop when his father passed away” - Yoga

Brandon Chang & Billy Khneoh – Vehicle Maintenance & Repair



“I want to help poor students from Sabah and Sarawak in adjusting to life in Peninsula Malaysia” - Hilary


I benefitted so much from JWYEF’s help. I am really indebted” - Tommy

Brandon and his 2 siblings are raised by his single mother who had a car accident which left her disabled. The family survives on donations from the charitable organisations. Brandon worked part-time in a restaurant, before he enrolled for a course at TCTECH Penang, with full sponsorship from JWYEF. Brandon has graduated in the City & Guilds UK Diploma for Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (with Distinction in 4 out of 6 modules), and is currently doing his internship.


The JWYEF bursary has helped to fulfil my dream to carve out a successful career. I believe in giving back to my family and the community, especially in helping others in pursuing their studies” - Suhaini

“Without JWYEF support, I am nothing. Now I have skills knowledge and even a UK Diploma in Automotive. I want to be someone useful so I can take good care of my family” - Brandon

Tommy Jimin & Hilary bin Jutri – Business Administration


Both Tommy and Hilary come from poor farming families in Sabah. Having qualified for the Malaysia University of Science & Technology, they ventured over to Kuala Lumpur, with the aim of doing well in life in order to better support their parents and families. However due to accreditation glitch in their enrolled university, they only received a much lower PTPTN loan midway through their course. With much over due course fees and little money for sustenance, they almost gave up! The JWYEF bursary then helped them to continue their studies. Tommy is now working part time, Hilary is currently doing his internship.

Billy’s family depended primarily on his mother who as the sole breadwinner, works as a sales supervisor. Billy enrolled at TCTECH Penang with the support of the JWYEF bursary and the Tan Chong Grant. He completed his studies in Automotive Advanced Certificate + BTEC UK Diploma, completed his internship and was offered a job as Technical Assistant in a Nissan Service Center.


“JWYEF has given me a chance to gain skills to get a good job so that I can relieve the financial burden on my mother. I will work hard for higher level positions in the automotive industry” - Billy

Kong Pui Yuen – Graphic Design

Pui Yuen, enrolled for a Diploma course in Graphic Design, needed financial support from JWYEF to cover shortfall in her course fees. Her mother who works as a retail assistant, is the sole bread winner in the family. Since early childhood, Pui Yuen suffers from a cardiac valvular malfunction. Fortunately Yang Amat Berbahagia Toh Puan Aishah Ong, one of the JWYEF Trustees, also chairs the IJN Foundation. She kindly referred Pui Yuen’s medical case to IJN to ensure she can pursue her career without health issues. Today Pui Yuen works for a company that designs apps on WeChat.


Nor Shyameila Ameira Bt Mohamad Shukri (Mila) – Culinary Arts

“Rather than making designs for profitable purpose, I prefer to work on non profitable works, to raise awareness and share views on issues challenging the world at large now” - Pui Yuen


Mila is the eldest of  4 children. Her father, the sole bread winner, works in a bread making factory. Mila always has a keen interest in baking and is now pursuing the Diploma in Culinary Arts. Scholarships are not offered and PTPTN loan quantum is low for such courses. The JWYEF bursary covers the shortfall for course fees, her accommodation and daily expenses. For extra income, Mila takes up part time work in the neighbourhood bakeries during weekends.


Mimi is the eldest of 7 children, and together with another sibling, has been staying in a Children’s Home for more than 10 years. Her father, a Myanmarese, assumes part time work as a security guard. With the JWYEF bursary on top of another grant, Mimi was able to embark on a Diploma in Hotel Management. Mimi is currently working fulltime in an international hotel.

After his father passed away, Isaac was indecisive on his future. The JWYEF bursary helped ease his family’s financial burden, and continued the support even after he failed a couple of times. Isaac persevered to attain the Advance Diploma in Finance & Commerce. Today, Isaac is the Information Security Manager in a renowned global bank.

“I have always viewed JWYEF as the spring board for me to launch forth in life, and I will always be grateful for that. I hope one day I will be in the position to be able to contribute to JWYEF to help other deserving students to realise their dreams” - Isaac

“My dream is to become a pastry chef! I also plan to open a restaurant one day” - Mila

Isaac Raol – Finance


Deanna Estelle – Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery


“I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me achieve my dreams”- Deanna

We are sharing their stories here, some of which may tug at your heartstrings:

Deanna has always aspired to be a Doctor and her hard work and dedication paid off when she was offered a place in the University Of Malaya to study Bachelor of Medicine. However, her parents had just reached retirement age and did not have enough to fund her education.  Through the JWYEF Bursary Deanna has since graduated and is now training in Singapore.

“My aspiration is to be the best I can be and to have a fulfilling life where I can look back and be happy about the richness of it all” - Ranjeni


Ranjeni is currently pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering at UITM after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree with First Class Honours.  Her parents have struggled to provide for the family and the JWYEF is proud to have been there to help turn her dreams into a reality.

Ranjeni Krishnen – Phd Civil Engineering

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